Covid-19 Guidance

Following the announcement on 17th May that lockdown continues to be eased, it is important to remember that some restrictions remain in place, even for those people who have been vaccinated.

The Hall is now open for room hire. All groups and those responsible for them should still be aware of their responsibilities. We’re here to help if you have any queries or are unsure.

Our Café in the Hall will be open from Thursday 20th May and we will be following the guidance closely. Café tables can seat a maximum of 6 individuals from different households. The only time a table can seat more than 6 is if all members are from the same 2 households. The café will only accept 30 individuals at any one time.

We realise that there is still much uncertainty about what you can and can’t do surrounding the guidelines but you can be sure that we’re all working hard to make the Hall as safe as possible. Covid protocols are still be in place so please bear this in mind when visiting the Hall. We will continue to offer test and trace and temperature check everyone upon entry to the Hall. We have full risk assessments available to view and a team of staff and trustees who are all committed to the safety of Hall users.

Although restrictions are lifting gradually Fearon Community Association (FCA) believe it should be at our managers discretion when we remove some or all of the measures we currently have in place. Our robust cleaning schedule will remain in place for the forseeable future so that everyone visiting feels safe.

During the pandemic we put together a quick reference guide for visitors and have decided that we will be keeping this model active until we are absolutely sure that it is safe to remove all the measure mentioned. We believe that we should remain cautious until the end of 2021, carefully relaxing our protocols as we see fit. If you have any questions or are uncertain about anything then more detailed information is available on request so please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can also download the guide as a pdf here.

Returning to the Hall Quick Reference Guide

Looking after yourself
• Respect the 2 metre social distancing.
• Wash hands regularly.
• Catch it, bin it, kill it.
• Wear a face mask when entering and moving around the Hall.
• Take your temperature daily.


Arriving and leaving the Hall
• Follow the guidance provided.
• Avoid public transport or car sharing – wear a mask if unavoidable.
• Stagger arrival times and use one way systems.
• Visitors to FCA and the Parish Office use the side door opposite the Parish Green.
• Visitors to Charnwood Arts please use the front door on Rectory Rd.


Using shared areas
• Avoid sharing equipment where possible – where unavoidable wipe down shared equipment before and after use with the wipes provided.
• Common areas eg toilets/door handles chairs etc will be cleaned by our
cleaning teams on a frequent basis.


Hall safety
• Keep windows open for ventilation.
• Keep doors open if appropriate (not fire doors).
• Wash hands on arrival and at regular intervals after using the toilet and before eating.
• Sanitise as you enter and leave a room.
• Wear a mask while moving around.


Food and drink
• Table service only.
• Groups of 6 individuals or 2 households (bubbles).
• For room hire, Covid restrictions still apply re: sharing of food.


• Limit visitors to the Hall. Maximum 30 people in our largest rooms.
• Sign in and out
• Wear a face mask when entering and moving around the Hall.
• It is a legal requirement for all visitors to track and trace.


Covid waste
For disposal of any waste, tissues, masks, PPE material, deemed covid waste. Please double bag leave for 72 hours then dispose of as normal waste.

Support from Fearon Community Association (FCA)
FCA will provide on request:
• Bags for bins, gloves and disposable aprons for suspected covid cases on site.
• Track and trace sheets
• Staff signing in sheets.
• A certificate to prove secure working practices, risk assessments for the Hall, cleaning schedules and users schedule and timings.

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