Acoustic improvements – a sound investment!

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In response to your feedback from our Harvest Festival event in October we’ve made some improvements to the sound quality in the Main Hall… and the difference is incredible!

During our (restricted) Harvest Festival back in November we asked for your feedback about what you thought about the Hall and the kind of events and activities you’d like to see happening here. A recurring theme was the quality of the sound in the Main Hall and how users found it difficult to be in the space or hear conversations due to it being very large and echoey.

Well, we thought we’d see if we could do something about that and we were very fortunate to be introduced to local acoustic expert John Chadwick. John usually travels the world, touring with international acts as a sound engineer so his expertise is second to none. Whilst he has been unable to work during lockdown this meant that we could take advantage of his skills in the Hall. Lucky us!

John was responsible for planning the layout, designing the panels and overseeing installation whilst the lovely people at Loughborough based events company Event Engineering manufactured and installed the panels. They have worked wonders in the Main Hall with their acoustic treatments and the results are amazing. There is now no echo, distracting background noise has been reduced and conversations are easy to hear without having to shout. The overall result is a much more comfortable experience on the ear and will be of particular help for those hard of hearing.

Watch and listen to John in the video below give a demonstration of what the sound was like before the works were done and the difference it’s made afterwards.

Very soon (hopefully) we’ll be able to open our doors again and we’d welcome you all to come and hear the difference for yourselves. We believe it’s really improved the space, making it a much better place to enjoy being in. Whether it’s in our café, to run your activity or to hire for your event.

We hope to convince John to work with us some more to improve the Ballroom. We’ll keep you posted.


Learn more about Event Engineering here.


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We’re grateful to Charnwood Borough Council for part funding the work.

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